Mar 17, 2016

Hidden Lands and Glowbug Shine

By now the majority of us, if not all know the ending words Old Cob had told us in Khrysalis. Two of those names we do not know much about, only the fact that there are giant speculations that The Broken Shores is that world floating around in the Spiral we see when going through some stormgates to other worlds in Pirate101. What about the Hidden Lands though? The only place we do not know of.

Hidden Lands

For a long time we have waited for a swamp world. We have wanted to know where Mr. Lincoln comes from, where frogs come from, what this "Out East" place the storks in Cool Ranch talk of. Well, we possibly know now, this isn't definite but this is my theory on the Hidden Lands.

Swamps are usually places were alligators and other animals lurk. Sometimes swamps are hidden by think fog so why not call a swamp themed world Hidden Lands? It just means the place is hard to get to. How it fits in with the story? Well, my guess is we come here to stop Old Cob from doing something shadow related. Maybe it is where we end him or somewhere in the middle or close to the end. It has something to do with shadow magic and we will possibly get shadow magic here.

Another idea is using the new shadow infused storm spell, Glowbug Squall, to help put this together. Just by looking at the image above we can tell this spell originates from a swamp environment and from the name of the spell. We can also see that this world is at night giving it a more mysterious and shadow look to it. What I don't understand is what the green smoke is in the picture but probably just the smoke of the world.


What do you all think about the new spell and the environment it casts off? Comment below "Shine bright like a diamond!" if you have read the whole post and thank you to Edward RubyRunner for letting me use this picture he took of the Glowbug Squall spell in action.

*WIZARD101 SPOILERS WARNING* Spring Update 2016

I would like to say this now, (if not evident from the title) that there are spoilers* ahead for the Spring, if not, Summer** update this year that I am too cover. This post is only for those that wish to see what there is to offer in Wizard101 in the future and if you do not agree with showing spoilers or do not wish to see them, you can just skip over this post. If not then continue on in the post for the content leaked in the past 24 hours.

*Please note that the pictures shown in the post are also posted on the Twitter account @W101Spoilers.

**Majority are not confirmed and could be live in the game anything in the future.

Apr 30, 2014

Artorius Tells All

Some people I know on Twitter and if you stalk the message boards has been waiting to seen a new story thread appear HERE to post your own reply on the thread or comment below if you can not reply so I can personally copy and paste your questions for him into a reply for him to answer.
from King Artorius (lead writer for Wizard101 since Zafaria, I am sorry but IDK who the person before him was or why they got fired) on the official message boards.

Apr 27, 2014

Exalted 100 - Moon Beach

Crescent Beach almost looks like this.
Khrysalis part 2 have been out for a few days now and I am just getting to blog my first adventures on the "lunar sand" which is not very lunar, more sunny and sparkly (#StarfallSea) sand. Where I left off in part one I had breached Fort Rachias; defeated the warlord there, Ghost Dog; and made off with a Dying Star Stone. I forgot to take pictures up to a point but I will just say it here.

I got called by Zaltanna The Mirrormask to report to Bastion (almost put Mirror Lake XD). When I got there she said that it was time for me to cross the Starfall Sea and defeat Morganthe once and for all (or something like that). Skip ahead because I don't remember some stuff and I meet Taylor Colderidge, a super, super, super, old rat captain from Skull Island. He said he was getting haunted by a ghost, we found out that this ghost is one of his dead crew member (he was a terrible captain) so we did stuff, but her and other dead crew members to rest and boom! Yes people, this is where pictures come in but we had supplies to sail across (or into) the Starfall Sea... we (me and some new friends) ran into some trouble though like giant bees (common here now :P) and giant things as we went across until we hit a island, the remains of the Radiant Alcazar, home to the star magic of Khrysalis.

Jan 12, 2014

Wizard City Premium Zone Crown Sale

From now until tonight (CST) there is a sale for all Wizard City premium zones with crowns. Each zone in the world will now only cost 375 crowns, you can find out more on the sale by clicking the link below.

Jan 3, 2014

An Interview With Ian Stormstaff

Its a bird!
Its a plane!
No, its Ian Stormstaff!

If you don't this evil bunny warlord already then you can check, stalk, and chat with Ian Stormstaff at @IanStormStaff on Twitter.

Cass: Where did you first here about Wizard101?

Jan 2, 2014


I have no words right now, no words. He didn't deserve to die this early, especially if he doesn't know how far his kindness spread out in the community.

R.I.P. Allan Ghostdust, we miss you already.