Jan 12, 2014

Wizard City Premium Zone Crown Sale

From now until tonight (CST) there is a sale for all Wizard City premium zones with crowns. Each zone in the world will now only cost 375 crowns, you can find out more on the sale by clicking the link below.


Jan 3, 2014

An Interview With Ian Stormstaff

Its a bird!
Its a plane!
No, its Ian Stormstaff!

If you don't this evil bunny warlord already then you can check, stalk, and chat with Ian Stormstaff at @IanStormStaff on Twitter.

Cass: Where did you first here about Wizard101?

Jan 2, 2014


I have no words right now, no words. He didn't deserve to die this early, especially if he doesn't know how far his kindness spread out in the community.

R.I.P. Allan Ghostdust, we miss you already.

Nov 15, 2013

The World That Changed Wizard101 Forever Part 1 And Mesa No Sub

Some stuff never change, every update that includes a world I am either behind, have no membership or both and today it has happened again. I am just sitting around angry that I want $78 so I can buy the Hive Bundle and the Empire Bundle (Pirate101). My latest love of housing has made me so I want both houses, mainly the Hive Bundle, I can do many things in that house but I will do that another day so I am waiting here for just the last bit of stuff to load on the launcher and open my storm house after taking the teleporter down.

Nov 8, 2013

2013 Veteran's Day

Wizard101 is giving away two free Red Poppy Wreaths when you enter the code "poppy" on either website in memory of all the fallen soldiers and are serving our country currently. For more information on Veteran's day in Wizard101 click here.

Oct 28, 2013

Adventure Update & Contest

Yeah, I know, Cass hasn't been posting lately because he is testing out Khrysalis... wrong, the current answer will be being bored, hanging around on Twitter, and waiting for some dang Pirate101 game card to be released (I will talk about that on Savvy Swashbucklers).  I figured it was time for a actual adventure (gosh I haven't done one in forever) post with information about where the contest went.

Oct 21, 2013

The Crazy Frog


Who is R3N0 and is he KI staff? If he is KI staff then why hasven't they fired him, either way he is ruining it for everyone to make their guesses and the next world. And if he is KI staff than he is breaking the ToS which he agreed to giving him privilege to download Wizard101 and access the files; two questions remain still that I am pondering: why can't he be banned from Wizard101 Central so "The Crazy Frog" doesn't strike again and why is he focusing on just Wizard101?

R3N0 is the name of a account on Wizard101 central who has two posts (that I know of) about future content coming to the game. His first post just included a picture of every piece from the Islander's Hoard Pack, our new storm pet friend from "Something Rotten in Nightside" along with the new items added to the Nightmare pack. A few days ago he/she appeared again stating that a bug themed bundle was coming soon (he doesn't know when) and the abbreviation for the new world was KR. R3N0 isn't spilling the Pirate101 content coming soon onto Pirate101 Central because he probably is scared of getting his account banned from both games because there is KI staff on Pirate101 Central and thus not getting the updates anymore for both games.

Today he also stated a more in-depth post about the bug themed bundle saying that there would be a bee house, bee wings, bug gear, bumble bee pet (with life fuel that may be a may cast), bee wings mount, and a dragon fly that gives stuff similar to the gorilla in the Sun Palace. Also he said to get ready for new spells and that Youkai would drop a treasure card version of himself when that goes live.