Dec 31, 2012

The adventure continue soon - question time!

Well after my biggest fail ever buying two game cards for Pirate101 and having $17 left over I am the most dumb person alive, I bought the two Pirate101 cards for crowns so I can unlock the Subata skyway for farming and to get the crown shop version of Kan Po, well I need to stop talking about Pirate101 sense this blog is about Wizard101.

Now about Wizard101, I am level 48 on my life wizard and I am currently in the place where they have those crystal storage, anyone know what that is called?So if you are wondering right now about how I am almost level 50 but I am at the beginning of Dragonspyre, the answer is easy, I did every side quest from Wizard City to Mooshu (well almost every side quest in mooshu, I got a dungeon one with Mossback but I don't want to go in it).I have been thinking, I barely get friends online on Wizard101 so I am wondering when I go do Mirror Lake and Ghost Avalon I will need help.

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  1. Don't bother continuing doing every side quest. Since you're already level 48, you're fine on XP and the rewards aren't really worth it for the most part. They're also usually super tediuos.


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